Thursday, 28 May 2015

My quick write -The awesome dive

Quick write story

In writing we used a photo which show a person that was about to dive into the water and it was set in Auckland because you could see the sky tower.It was a quick write so you didn't have to write a BIG AND HUGE story just like about if the person was going to be happy in the or he was sad so it was like you could control the character.Here is the photo-


My story was about the person having alone time and being free.  
I made him being a happy person and really,really wants to swim.
This is my story-
The awesome dive!  

Hiking up the trail out of breath,reaching the sunset gloom.The sun goes down to rest and the moon takes over leaving the day into the night.The water changes.The moonlight reflects like a torch in the ocean.''Ahh, Auckland is the best place to relax,'' I sighed. All alone I was feeling pleased with myself just being with no one else except….me.The day grew dark and cold but I didn't care.

I looked at the sky tower then I started looking below the dark blue sea,seeing white strikes through the place of nowhere. I can feel it. Sliding across the wharf were my feet leading me into the air. My hands curved like a dolphin fin,ready to spike out the water stopping me from going fast though it.I leaned and…….WHOOSH! I zoom into the water like a gannet catching its prey. Soaking wet I go out and do it again and again and again until I get out of breath.

I jump out and finally lay down on the grass counting the stars and making shapes from them.
I think about what I will do tomorrow. Its very hard to think what I could do. Then suddenly I have an idea.I will do what I did yesterday,Brilliant!That was still such an easy idea. Oh well I just love swimming!

By Henrietta Williams  

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  1. Hi Henny, wow I loved reading this quick write about the awesome dive!! You made me feel like I was diving into the water too - well done you. Love mummy x