Friday, 28 August 2015

Geometric shapes

Geometric shapes

In room 2, we had been creating these awesome shapes.We mostly posted the star on it mine is awesome but before I show it,I will say some more. What you need to make one: 
Protractor & Ruler 
Pencil & Rubber 
A printed circle from 
The diagonal lines are the most important because they are the one thing that you start off with. Also finish off with. The Shapes usually turn out like a pretty star! Some other people have done two shapes.At first,I didn't understand so the first one I did was really wrong.Then Mr Kinsey said to do it on the other page and it worked! Yay! We needed to use protractors (half circles). We measured as 60 degrees each line except, I was not sure, so me and Mr Kinsey worked it out and we got to work out the degrees and he said each line was 60 degrees. Here is mine.    

By Henrietta Williams :-) 

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