Thursday, 19 November 2015

Writing on animation

Writing on animation

In room 2,we have been writing on short films so far we have wrote on The Dream giver,broken - rock,paper,scissors and now Powerless. The 5 rules that we had to use in our writing short sentence and others. Here is my one I based it on the retell part of the story.

Have you ever wanted to create a robot , hope it succeeds?  Well this guy has. For a while anyway.

In a deep,dark forest lay an old cottage. In there lived an inventor , sleeping. Next to him was an unfinished robot with a book that put him “no process”.

A firefly passed the old cottage spying the robot,she came through the fireplace and swarmed into the chamber she powered it up,left the house controlling the invention as she lead it to her stuck friend.

The inventor woke in fright to see the robot gone. He picked up the lantern as it flicked in the darkness. He walked until a tall shadow covered the path. There it was.

The fairy flew out , as she left the robot useless. The two flew up happily and lit the forest. The inventor sighed and turned back to the house. The firefly's went and sprinkled dust onto the robot,bringing him back to the world. He knocked on the door,and the inventor couldn’t believe his eyes.    
He named him Powerless.

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